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Benefits of a balanced healthy diet and the nutritional compromises of a crash diet


Our lifestyles have taken a turn from bad to worse. Everything is fast paced. People want a quick fix solution for all their problems.This has lead to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles. Innovations in technology and science has led to crops which are genetically modified. Crops are genetically modified to increase its yield and to prevent it from pests and insects.Consuming these genetically modified crops can lead to serious health issues in humans and animals.

With so many fast food restaurant chains cropping up in every nook and corner of the city and food being just a mouse click away we are spoilt for choices.By just pressing a button on the mouse you can have your favorite food ready on your table waiting to be served. 

What is a balanced diet?
A balanced diet should consist of fibres, vitamins,minerals,carbohydrates,proteins etc. A well balanced diet helps in the reducing the risk of cancer,obesity,diabetes and heart problems. According to the food pyramid a balanced diet is made up of

1.Rice or other alternatives like wheat,oats,ragi, bajra, jowar etc 
2.Fruits and Vegetables 
3. Meat or substitutes for meats
4.Fats,oil,sugars and salt (kept in moderation)

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What is a crash diet?

Crash diets also known as fad diets helps an individual to loose weight quickly. By reducing the daily calorie intake one can loose 10 to 15 pounds of weight within few weeks. But these strict diet regimes can cause disequilibrium in the human system and it is not a efficient way to loose weight. 
For example a crash diet based on pineapples called Regime hyperproteins.Eating only fresh pineapples or drinking fresh pineapple juice  for a period of  two weeks to burn excessive fat. Pineapples have a enzyme called bromelaine in them which can speed up protein digestion leading to weight loss. But this single fruit lacks all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. There is no such thing called Miracle Diet for loosing weight.These crash diets not only puts our health at risk as they are not effective in long term and after some time we may regain all the weight we have lost within no time.

Ready made food which makes our life easy are not good for our health and also for our well being. To make it attractive,tasty and to preserve it for a long time industries add too much of salt,sugar,additives and fats which are bad for our health. Nowadays children are exposed to all these fast foods and ready made foods which has lead to obesity problems which in turn has lead to heart problems in kids and also there is a rise in the number of cases of juvenile diabetes. 

Gone are those days when we as children enjoyed home cooked food. We cannot forget our mothers preparing dosas, chapathis,pooris  etc with so much of love and affection. As parents nowadays are too busy with their careers they don't have time to prepare home cooked food for their kids. Instead they opt for these fast food restaurants which serve all types of  diets which are very colorful and tasty with so much of salt, sugar, additives etc in them. All those home made juices and sharbats have been replaced by colas,ice creams and fizzy drinks. Children are exposed to these diets and they lack physical exercise.

Yet nothing is worth more than a balanced diet.A Well balanced diet with a moderate amount of exercise can make a lot of difference in our lives.A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind.

(Optimum Health) is an ongoing process that requires awareness,knowledge and practice

                          -Dr.Andrew Weil.

My breakfast consists of smoothie made from oats,bananas,milk with Honey to enhance its sweetness.Honey is a powerful antioxidant and a best substitute for sugar. Everymorning after brushing my teeth I drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of Honey and lemon juice added to it.

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