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Saturday, January 4, 2014

How I got rid of Hyperthyroidism

Fighting Hyperthyroidism Naturally

According to allopathy anti thyroid medications were prescribed to fight hyperthyroidism and its associated symptoms when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in 2008. Some additional supplements were also prescribed to fight deficiencies associated with the thryoid problems like vitamin D,calcium and Iron.

Allopathic drugs are capable of suppressing the medical conditions but are not  effective in getting rid of the discomforts associated with the  disease. The medications prescribed by my endo were not sufficient to treat some of the symptoms like insomnia,increased heart beat,dry skin, severe  fatigue,irritability,trembling etc. I thought of seeking advice from alternative therapists and holistic doctors to treat the discomforts associated with the disease naturally.

According to Ayurveda yoga when practiced with breathing exercises improves the functioning of the thyroid glands and also corrects  the hormonal imbalances.As I read many success stories about the thyroid problems my belief in alternative therapies and remedies became strong. I practiced yoga regularly with its breathing techniques. I had done some certification courses in yoga during out stay in Singapore and was familiar with all the asanas and breathing techniques. Along with anti thyroid drugs I took some Ayurvedic remedies and some homeopathic medicines. After a period of one year in 2009 my blood reports were normal and T3,T4,TSH reading were within the specified range.

According to the American Thyroid Association 30% to 50% of the patients with Graves disease have chances of relapse following the withdrawal of anti thyroid medications. RAI was prescribed to me by my endocrinologist when I had a relapse in 2011. It was the last option left to treat this condition and also to prevent it from reoccurring.  But I thought of  switching  to natural remedies to get rid of this problem permanently.

Reading lots of books and articles about this disease by well known authors and practitioners helped me in gathering some information to fight this disease alternatively and naturally .One  book which provides complete information about the disease  with hopes on alternative therapies and remedies to get rid of this condition is  Living well with graves disease and hyperthyroidism  written by Mary J. shomon.

How I got rid of Hyperthyroidism

Now its almost three years and my thyroid readings are normal and  I don't have any of those symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism conditions. 



1. Practice yoga regularly with breathing techniques.

2. Supplement deficiencies like iron,selenium,magnesium,calcium,vitamin D by taking healthy supplements or by eating a well balanced diet.

3. Selenium plays a very important role in treating thyroid conditions. Supplement your selenium by just eating two brazil nuts a day. Try not to consume more brazil nuts as it may induce selenium toxicity.

4. Omega three fatty acid supplements are  very effective in reducing  inflammation .Good sources of omega 3 are flax seeds, walnuts or fish oil extract of salmon.

5. Evening primerose oil treats dry skin conditions,brittle nails and premenstrual symptoms.

6. Iron, calcium and magnesium supplements treats vitamin deficiencies.

7. Accupressure plays a very  important role in treating hyperthyroidism. As it clears all the blockages and regulates the normal functioning of all the organs of our body.

8. Vitamin B supplements like B6,B12 and PABA reduces the fatigue associated with thyroid problems.

9. Try not to use supplements which are available over the counters as they are synthetic in nature and can become rancid over a period of time. Try supplements sold by good health care pharmacies even if they are expensive.

 10. Herbs like Buggleweed, Lemon balm, wild thyme etc  helps in suppressing the hyperthyroid symptoms. All these herbal formualtions can be found in tincture form but before making use of these herbs its better to consult a naturopath doctor or a holistic doctor.

11. Evening primerose Oil helps in reducing inflammation. It  helps in relieving  stress and pain associated with PMS and even menopause symptoms. It  helps in keeping hair, skin soft and supple as it contains Omega 6 fatty acids .

How I got rid of Hyperthyroidism
12. Avoid constipation by consuming foods which are rich in fibre. Fresh fruits and vegetables   contain  fibre and provide roughage necessary for proper assimilaton and elimination.Avoid refined flours,sugary drinks,smoking,alcohol etc. Drinking water minimum eight glasses per day  helps in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the body.

13. Detoxification helps in getting  rid of bacteria,virus,fungi,microbes,chemicals,toxic metals as accumulation of toxins may be one of the reasons behind malfunctioning of thyroid problems. Installing a water filter system  eliminates all the chemicals present  in water such as flourides,chlorine,bromine,mercury  etc which deplete the iodine levels in our body as iodine is necessary for the proper conversion of T4 to T3 hormones.

 14.Reading a lot of books written on alternative therapies and treatments by good authors and practitioners enriches our knowledge and provides hope and belief to fight diseases and also to develop a positive approach towards life.

 15. Stress may be one of the main contributing factors resulting in malfunctioning of thyroid glands.Stress levels may be reduced by taking adequate rest and practicing relaxation techniques like taichi,meditation,breathing etc.


If you have severe hyperthyroidism symptoms ,  rapid heart beat, severe fatigue, rapid weight loss, anaemia, Eye problems etc it is necessary that you consult your endocrinologist. One should not stop taking medications prescribed by the doctor. You can consult a naturopath or a hollistic doctor  to overcome this problem naturally and gradually with supplementing and other alternative methods. In case of goiters, nodules,thyroid cancer surgical intervention may be necessary. Don't neglect the symptoms associated with the thyroid glands as this small organ controls lots of important functions of our body.

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