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Tuesday, August 1, 2017



Here are some important tips to balance the functioning of your thyroid glands and to overcome  thyroid disorders

1. Avoid stress, anxiety, emotional disturbances as it is directly linked to the functioning of thyroid glands. Try aromatherapy with lavender oil and tea tree oil. Lavender oil relaxes the muscles and nerves and creates a calming effect. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and acts on the vishudha chakra located in the neck region.

2. The fluoride content present in the toothpaste interacts with the functioning of thyroid glands. Avoid toothpaste which has fluoride content in it instead of makes use of herbal-based toothpaste or toothpaste without fluoride content it.

3. Avoid sugars and switch to alternatives like blackstrap molasses, raw honey, brown sugar, etc.


4. Bisphenol   (Bisphenol_A) a chemical ingredient present in plastics triggers auto-immune disorders. Make use of glassware, metal wares, and earthenwares.

5. The usage of cosmetics is related to thyroid problems as it alters the functioning of thyroid glands. The presence of lead, mercury, arsenic, lead, cyanide, etc may lead to thyroid disorders.

6. Switch to cold-pressed oils like coconut oil, olive oil instead of refined oils. Combine olive oil with linseed, colza oil to balance the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 present in them as olive oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids but lacks omega 3.

7. Take cold baths and practice yoga along with breathing exercises regularly. Exercises relax muscles and nerves, increases the blood and oxygen supply to all the organs and helps to get rid of toxins accumulated in our body.


8. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal glands and one of the important glands of our endocrine system. The principal hormone melatonin is necessary to induce sleep, to promote psychological functions and all biological rhythms. Melatonin is the hormone synthesized from serotonin and for this purpose, it needs amino acid 5 Hydroxy Tryptophane. Expose yourself to sunlight as sunlight is necessary for the production of melatonin hormone.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Latest Thyroid Reports


Fight Hyperthyroidism naturally using natural treatment protocols. Eating a well balanced diet,correcting underlying vitamin deficiencies,moderate exercises like taichi,yoga,cycling,walking etc, can really go a long way in treating your hyperthyroidism problems naturally.

My latest reports to show thyroid problems can be fought naturally with above mentioned methods.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Kefir Drink With Lemon and Honey

Kefir rich in fermented probiotics is very effective in promoting gut health. Kefir drink prepared using fruits is refreshing, tender and replenishing. Kefir acts as a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent. It is very effective in treating severe skin infections where conventional treatments fails to do so.


1.       4 tbsps of kefir grains
2.       1.5 litres of filtered water
3.       ½ lemon cut into thin round slices
4.       2 figs dried and cut into halves
5.       4 tsps of acacia honey or 3 tsps of agave syrup

1.       Place the kefir grains in a bottle a day before

2.       Add water, lemon slices, figs and honey. Mix the contents well (taking care not to use a metal spoon) . Cover the bottle with a mesh or a clean transparent white cloth tying the opening of the bottle with a string

3.       Leave the mixture to ferment for 24 hrs. Grains of the kefir can be conserved as it multiplies itself to a point where it starts spreading itself to its surrounding.

4.       Filter this mixture using a plastic filter. Transfer the contents to a glass bottle adding two tbsp of cane brown sugar and a little refrigerated water.

5.       Mix everything and place the contents in a refrigerator. The mixture remains active for a period of 15days without problem.


If  you notice the grains are not multiplying it shows that it lacks nourishment. Add some more cane brown sugar to the bottle.

Precautions: The mixture should not come in contact with any metal

If you are a debutant please go slow until you get yourself acquainted with the detoxification process. Take this preparation 2 to 3 times a day paying attention not to drink more than half glass at a time for a period of three days followed by one glass for six days . Replace with two glasses until everything goes well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Importance of Iodine In Our Daily Lives


Fragility, slow metabolism and fatigue these are the few signs which indicate that you may lack iodine

Recent studies have shown that the overall world population lacks 10% of the recommended dosage of Iodine.

Iodine the hormone of the thyroid is the key ingredient necessary to increase the energy levels of our tissues mainly the tissues of muscles and nerves.

The association of Iodine and Endocrine Glands

Iodine is necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands mainly the pituitary, pancreas and the thyroid. Iodine stimulates the endocrine glands

Iodine and the Nervous System

Iodine is essential for the proper development of the brain. It is necessary for intellectual development. It also helps in concentration and coordinates cerebral functions.
Lack of Iodine during pregnancy can result in insufficient development of the brain of the newborns. This may indirectly affect the mental development resulting in lack of intelligence among the infants.

Iodine aids metabolism

When combined with oligo-elements like copper, zinc and selenium Iodine helps in expulsion of mucus and also bacterias.

Iodine and Skin

Iodine is effective in moisturizing the skin and also in stimulating the secretion of sebaceous glands.

Lack of Iodine

Iodine is secreted by the thyroid glands and it cannot be present outside the thyroid glands in an organism neither it can be secreted by any other glands of the human body. Iodine has to fight with the other elements of the halogen family-like chlorine, fluorine, and bromine.

Lack of Iodine can lead to malfunctioning of the thyroid glands when the glands are not able to find the necessary Iodine for the production of thyroid hormones. This, in turn, affects the pituitary glands. Malfunctioning of pituitary glands can lead to goiters and nodules.

Symptoms associated with Lack of Iodine

The signs associated with the lack of Iodine are fragility, fatigue, slow metabolism which increases fat deposits and also leads to water retention. Lack of Iodine during pregnancy can trigger abortion and may also lead to premature birth.

Lack of Iodine in higher doses can lead to cretinism in infants and goiter in adults.

The lack of Iodine can be confirmed by carrying a Urine Uptake test for Iodine –Less than 150Mg.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies, these floral elixirs have multiple qualities. Rescue Remedy one of the best remedies among  Bach Remedies is also known as Remedy for Crisis. 

These Bach Flower Remedies are a gift to mankind by Doctor Edward Bach. Well, known homeopath, bacteriologist oriented his researches towards the diseases which were known to be caused by emotional disturbances. He found a natural method which constituted of 38 essences of flowers. This is a fabulous tool that is very effective in helping an individual to fight emotional disturbances and to establish harmony and interior peace. 

This therapy is found to be very effective not only in men and women but also among people who are aged. It is found to be very effective even in children and for those who are suffering from diseases, in animals and to all the living beings on this earth.

Dr. Bach determined the exact portraits of the emotions. He established seven states of emotions: fear, doubt, disinterest, solitude, hypersensitivity, sadness, and difficult relationships.

Each essence of the flower corresponds to one particular emotion. The association of these flower essences forms synergy which if capable of preparing the state of the soul and also in fighting the diseases. 

Bach Flower Remedies

The Rescue Remedy these are the flowers known as Flowers of help.

It's composition: Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, Rockrose, Impatiens and Clematis

Its a preparation useful in case of emergency and also in all the situations which are stressful, unpredictable and also shocking. (Physical shock, accident, bad news, fear, meeting which provokes stress, exams, surgical interventions....)

In case of emergency, four drops of this essence can be taken orally or can be mixed with water and consumed slowly.

In the case of physical shocks, the rescue remedy can be directly applied to the place of trauma and can be massaged softly to get rid of the pain. But this essence should not be applied directly to the wounds.

These flowers of Bach is a therapy which is very simple and can be used on ourselves. But for better results, it would be effective to consult a doctor who is a certified Bach Flower remedist. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Apricots scientifically known as Prunus  armeniaca  are  bright orange coloured fruits rich in beta-cartotene,  fibres, minerals, and vitamin C. Even though the origin of apricots are still unknown it is believed that they were originally brought to Europe by the Greeks . Apricots can be eaten directly or dried. Apricots are known for their benefits on the skin and it is used in various cosmetic preparations.

Good for Skin
Apricots acts as a skin tonic when ingested or used in cosmetics. It fights against exterior skin aggressions and  prevents cutaneous and mucous infections. It protects the skin against tanning and ultra violet radiations. Apricot Oil extracted from the kernels of apricots known as one of the powerful  essential oils have numerous health benefits.

For pregnant women
Apricots are rich in vitamin A which makes it a food ideal for pregnant women. It favourises the growth of cells in the body and contributes in strengthening the functioning of immune system thus helping in the development of foetus.

For sportspersons
Being a natural source of minerals, apricots are a must for sportspersons and athletes. Increased muscular activity of the athletes elevates the need for potassium, iron, copper and magnesium which can be  found in good quantity in apricots. It contributes in recharging the minerals and supplies a good amount  of carbohydrates to the body  particularly when it is dry. High content on of potassium in apricots  permits in better elimination of toxins during recuperation.


Preserves eyesight
According to studies, when consumed regularly apricots are beneficial in preserving the eyesight. Two to three portions of the these fruits when consumed daily prevents age related  macular degeneration prevalent in  elderly people. It contributes equally in strengthening the optic nerves of the eyes.

 Fights anaemia
The presence of iron and copper in the apricots aids in the formation of  haemoglobin in the blood. Apricots increases the production red blood cells without which the body cannot re-oxygenate itself.
Anaemia is basically iron deficiency and it can lead  to fatigue, weakness, light headedness and it may also disrupt metabolic function. As apricots are rich in both iron and copper it boosts metabolism and promotes proper functioning of the body.

Aids digestion
Rich in fibre and well tolerated by living beings apricots activate  intestinal functions. Presence of pectins   in this fruit  regularizes the intestinal transit and also prevents intestinal sluggishness .It is one of the premier fruits which can be consumed even by babies.


According to the Chinese medicine seeds of apricots acts as a natural remedy against bronchitis and coughs. Infusion prepared using the leaves of apricots are beneficial against throat infections and they are effective in providing relief against inflammation  in the nose and ear regions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Importance of Yoga Nidra

Benefits Of Yoga Nidra

What is the meaning of Yoga Nidra? The word Yoga Nidra signifies Sleep and it also a   voyage interior. Dive into this profound relaxation method permitting yourself to be free from stress and anxiety.

Yoga Nidra makes you dive into a state similar to that of sleep as it rejuvenates and harmonizes all the activities of the body immensely and to let it go off completely.

There exist three states of Consciousness

1. The state of wakefulness
2. The state of profound sleep
3. The state of sleep with dreams

In Yoga Nidra, we attempt to create the fourth stage of consciousness. Our body is fully relaxed as we stretch ourselves completely keeping our subconsciousness awake. Yoga Nidra is destined to induce relaxation and meditation which is very powerful. Yoga Nidra is a method that is systematic and helps in total relaxation. It satisfies our needs which are psychological, subconscious and neurological.

  Yoga Nidra reduces the rate of our heartbeat and brain waves significantly and our respiration becomes very soft, supple and ample. It helps in getting rid of stress, boosts our immune system, promotes general well being and favorites sleep and helps in creating soul clarity.

When this practice of Yoga Nidra becomes consistent and methodical the effects start multiplying. It helps in cleansing our interiors. Yoga Nidra permits us to progressively attain a new state of consciousness which is more awakened and enlightened.

This is a translated article from French Language magazine Feminin Bio.