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Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Apricots scientifically known as Prunus  armeniaca  are  bright orange coloured fruits rich in beta-cartotene,  fibres, minerals, and vitamin C. Even though the origin of apricots are still unknown it is believed that they were originally brought to Europe by the Greeks . Apricots can be eaten directly or dried. Apricots are known for their benefits on the skin and it is used in various cosmetic preparations.

Good for Skin
Apricots acts as a skin tonic when ingested or used in cosmetics. It fights against exterior skin aggressions and  prevents cutaneous and mucous infections. It protects the skin against tanning and ultra violet radiations. Apricot Oil extracted from the kernels of apricots known as one of the powerful  essential oils have numerous health benefits.

For pregnant women
Apricots are rich in vitamin A which makes it a food ideal for pregnant women. It favourises the growth of cells in the body and contributes in strengthening the functioning of immune system thus helping in the development of foetus.

For sportspersons
Being a natural source of minerals, apricots are a must for sportspersons and athletes. Increased muscular activity of the athletes elevates the need for potassium, iron, copper and magnesium which can be  found in good quantity in apricots. It contributes in recharging the minerals and supplies a good amount  of carbohydrates to the body  particularly when it is dry. High content on of potassium in apricots  permits in better elimination of toxins during recuperation.


Preserves eyesight
According to studies, when consumed regularly apricots are beneficial in preserving the eyesight. Two to three portions of the these fruits when consumed daily prevents age related  macular degeneration prevalent in  elderly people. It contributes equally in strengthening the optic nerves of the eyes.

 Fights anaemia
The presence of iron and copper in the apricots aids in the formation of  haemoglobin in the blood. Apricots increases the production red blood cells without which the body cannot re-oxygenate itself.
Anaemia is basically iron deficiency and it can lead  to fatigue, weakness, light headedness and it may also disrupt metabolic function. As apricots are rich in both iron and copper it boosts metabolism and promotes proper functioning of the body.

Aids digestion
Rich in fibre and well tolerated by living beings apricots activate  intestinal functions. Presence of pectins   in this fruit  regularizes the intestinal transit and also prevents intestinal sluggishness .It is one of the premier fruits which can be consumed even by babies.


According to the Chinese medicine seeds of apricots acts as a natural remedy against bronchitis and coughs. Infusion prepared using the leaves of apricots are beneficial against throat infections and they are effective in providing relief against inflammation  in the nose and ear regions.

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