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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies, these floral elixirs have multiple qualities. Rescue Remedy one of the best remedies among  Bach Remedies is also known as Remedy for Crisis. 

These Bach Flower Remedies is a gift to the mankind by Doctor Edward Bach. Well known homeopath,bacteriologist oriented his researches towards the diseases which were known to be caused by emotional disturbances. He found a natural method which constituted of 38 essences of flowers. This is a fabulous tool which is very effective in helping an individual to fight emotional disturbances and to establish harmony and interior peace. 

This therapy is found to be very effective not only in men and women but also among people who are aged.It is found to be very effective even in children and for those who are suffering from diseases, in animals and to all the living beings on this earth.

Dr Bach determined exact portraits of the emotions. He established seven states of emotions : fear,doubt,disinterest, solitude,hypersensitivity,sadness and difficult relationships.

Each essence of flower corresponds to one particular emotion. The association of these flower essences forms  synergy which if capable of reparing the state of the soul and also in fighting  the diseases. 

Bach Flower Remedies

The Rescue Remedy these are the flowers known as Flowers of help.

Its composition: Cherry Plum,Star of Bethleem, Rock rose, Impatiens and Clematis

Its a prepartion useful in case of emergency and also in all the situations which are stressful, unpredictable and also shocking. (Physical shock, accident, bad news, fear, meeting which provokes stress, exams,surgical interventions....)

In case of emergency four drops of this essence can be taken orally or can be mixed with water and consumed slowly.

In case of physical shocks the rescue remedy can be directly applied on the place of  trauma and can be massaged softly to get rid of the pain. But this essence should not be applied directly on the wounds.

These flowers of Bach is a therapy which is very simple and can be used  on ourselves. But for better results it would be effective to consult a doctor who is a certified Bach Flower remedist. 

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