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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How I got rid of Hyperthyroidism

Yoga has hundred percent cure for man's ailments both physical as well as psychological. Yoga provides internal massage to all the organs of our body thereby eliminating the toxins accumulated in them .As there is a proper supply of blood and oxygen to all the organs there is proper secretion of hormones as well as juices from the important glands. Through breathing exercises the intake of oxygen through the lungs increases thereby the supply of oxygen to all the organs as well the glands increases.

Thyroid glands can be energised by practising certain yoga poses and breathing techniques. If the supply of oxygen as well as the blood to the thyroid region is increased the glands start functioning properly , all the toxins will be eliminated and finally one can stop the dependency on thyroid medications.


Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach early in the morning or late in the evenings two and a half to three hours after taking meals. One should not  force himself or herself in to any postures as it might hurt them. Slowly and steadily one can attain perfection as the elascticity and flexibility of the muscles improve.
The poses which can really improve the functioning of thyroid glands are chakrasana(Wheel Pose),Halasana(shoulder stand), Matsyasana(Fish pose), and Ushtrasana(Camel Pose).


Breathing techniques like pranayam(anulom,vilom),kapalbhati and particularly ujjayi pranayam can help in restoring the functioning of thyroid glands. Practising regular yogic breathing with exercises can really help in solving your thyroid problems by stimulating the glands and helping it in secreting the necessary T3,T4 and TSH hormones. If a person is not comfortable practising the above listed asanas he or she can start with neck exercises. Slowly rotate your neck in clockwise and anticlocwise direction ,bend it forward,backward and sidewards with a slow moving motion. This also increases the oxygen supply as well as blood flow to the neck region thereby activating the thyroid glands.With regular practise one can put an end to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism permanently.

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